I started AUCHÔMAGE in the early months of 2014 and a year into the company it's amazing to look back at the things we've achieved so far.. We’ve worked with some great companies and individuals, creating some brilliant content and with some great projects coming up, I'll be sharing new content soon. 


When we started doing this, after about 60 failed attempts to come up with a decent name, we settled on AUCHÔMAGE, a French word (au chômage) that translates to unemployed in English. This came around because at the time I was ‘au chômage’ so it chimed personally with my story and honestly, I liked the way it looked written out. 


The name ended up being a problem due to people not being able to remember it, spell it or even pronounce it...exactly what you don't want in a brand name. I couldn't just say my email address over the phone without concern that I would never see the message. I loved the name but it was time to think of a new one that wouldn't be mistaken for a Parisian dole office.


I put a lot of thought into coming up with a simple name that would stick in people’s minds without any of the problems I previously faced. I decided upon Blood Orange Film while I was having dinner with my sister and she ordered a Blood Orange sorbet. It jumped out as something different enough to not be ordinary but prevalent sidestep the aforementioned issues. After getting positive feedback from several creatives, friends and family I decided to officially make the change.

It was a tough decision, thanks to the time spent spreading the word about AUCHÔMAGE for a year and having a heap of tshirts, stickers, business cards etc that are now redundant but I’m certain that this is the best decision. 

So no more “auto-mar-che”, “or-cho-marge” or “entourage” - it’s Blood Orange Film and this one will stick.

N.B. Shoot me an email if you fancy walking around in a tshirt with UNEMPLOYED across the chest - I have a couple...