Interview with Felsted School

I was recently interviewed by my old school to talk about Blood Orange as part of their 'entrepreneurs' network of leavers.

Original article appeared here; Felsted Entrepreneur Network: Sam Hendrick

What is your business?

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Blood Orange Film is a video production company specialising in adverts, branded content and music videos. Over the last year I've produced TV adverts for national charities such as the British Heart Foundation, Diabetes UK and Save the Children. I have also created content for Audi, Jaguar Land Rover and Sky and worked with some Old Felstedian businesses.

What inspired you?

I genuinely love making videos and that is the main reason I do this. It’s something I’ve done since I was very young and have managed to mould it into a career. Digital video advertising is a rapidly increasing tool and on average advertisers are now spending 85% more on digital video than they were two years ago. Companies can create small budget content utilising YouTube, Facebook and Instagram to get a video seen by millions of people for a fraction of the cost it takes to produce a conventional TV advert. It’s an exciting, emerging market and I’m really enjoying being a part of it.

How did you get the company established?

After university and working for three years at advertising agencies, I decided to work on Blood Orange Film full-time in June 2015 and make use of everything I had learnt. My former boss took me for breakfast on my last day and gave me some invaluable advice on what areas to focus on first when starting up a successful business. Following that, I then took the time to contact a lot of companies and started to build up a portfolio to present to potential clients.

What skills have you found useful?

Being extremely vigilant has helped and when you are running your own business it becomes very obvious that if you don’t do the work, it’s not going to get done. It’s a pretty daunting concept to have everything in your own hands but it’s certainly motivating when you don’t have anyone to fall back on. From about the age of 10, I started making videos, editing on DV tapes, Windows Movie Maker and breaking my parents’ cameras, but I have received no formal training in terms of practical video production skills. So my love of doing this runs pretty deep.

Do you have any words of wisdom for other young entrepreneurs?

‘Work hard and be brave’. I stole that from someone else, but I feel like it is a good mantra to live by as you have to believe in yourself and take risks, otherwise you'll plateau. When you start out you might see similar companies thriving and think there is no way I can compete, but you should not compare their highlight reel to your behind the scenes. Every company is faced with issues and problems that they won’t share publicly, but they all go through it. Finally, make best use of the connections you have when you're starting out and network as much as possible.

What does the future hold?

I’m currently focusing 95% on video production, but I’m planning for Blood Orange to be a creative agency covering several sectors such as film, design and web. Right now I’m looking to bring a partner on board and focus on improving and expanding the business.

Finally, what is your favourite online video at the moment?

The latest video is always my favourite, so currently the Jaguar one, but I still love them all... even the one where I got hit in the face with a snowboard!

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