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UtiliseĀ existing assets to create new content during lockdown.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, most people, including us, are working from home. This leaves very little in the way of being able to film new projects for our clients. However there are still many ways that we can help bring your audience new content.


Transform Existing Assets

Utilise a recent TVC, online ad, unused footage, brand assets or still images to create an entirely new piece of content. If you're an existing client, we can access the catalogue of footage and assets we have produced for you and work together to create something new. If you're a new client, send over your footage and we can work on creating something fresh.



We can animate your content using a combination of text, still images and illustrations to engage your audience.


You film, we edit

We'll work together to create the storyboard of a film. Using your own phone or camera to capture the video, send it over to us and we'll turn it into a winning piece of content.


Post us your product

Send over your product and leave the video production to us.

These are just a few options of how we can work to create engaging content for your audience, while remaining safe during lockdown.