Le Swine

2018 – 2022

  • Product Hero Videos
  • Multiple Social Ads
  • Strategy

Le Swine

We worked with the creators of ‘Britain’s Best Bacon Butty’ to advertise and showcase their DIY meal kit.

Le Swine transitioned from their restaurant in Spitalfields into Delivery Kits at the start of 2020, we worked with them across multiple campaigns from social adverts to the video that accompanies the DIY meal, guiding you how to get the best out of your kit.

Our work sits proudly as the first thing you see on their website along with all over their social feeds. Our ongoing relationship with Le Swine has allowed us to bulk create content for them, getting 10s of videos out of each shoot.

Mother's Day - Social Advert 2022

Seven Steps To Bacon Heaven - 2021

Social Ad Cutdowns from Shoot

Launch Campaign - 2020